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Oh man [Feb. 20th, 2011|12:15 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood |relaxedrelaxed]
[Current Music |"Dan's Got a Fever"-Mayhem]

 A lot has happened since I've last updated this! I also see a lot of messages have built up in my absence. I feel as if they're far too old to reply to at this point, sorry. I love you guys. :c <3 

 Life has been a mix of ups and downs as of late, but I'm doing a decent job of keeping it together. I hope. I'm now engaged to my girlfriend of 4 years (Soon to be 5!), and she really deserves some credit for being there for me. I know I can be a lot to put up with sometimes. ;o; Mush mush fluff fluff.
 My family is hitting some extremely rough patches, and my parents are getting divorced. Not fun, I wish this divorce wasn't as violent as it's turning out to be. I just hope those who need help can get it soon.
 This quarter in school is going strangely. I've been running myself into the ground the first 4 weeks of this quarter, and as it goes on I realized I'm over complicating things. It's nice to be able to take a breath and relax knowing everything isn't as hard as you once thought. Registered for next quarter already, so lets see how that goes! 
 I am currently saving up for a plane ticket to visit my family and friends in Texas over the summer. I hadn't known plane tickets had gone up so much. I've currently saved $100, and have near another $100 headed my way within the next few weeks. The few that have commissioned me on Deviantart have really helped out. I really appreciate it.  Plane ticket aside, I am definitely going to Pax this year. I doubt I'll have much to spend while I'm there, but man. If I can get enough money saved up to attend that would be magical. Family first, games second.

 Online updates! Moved to a new Deviantart. A fresh start is always nice, especially when my peers ask if I have a gallery online anywhere. I got tired of telling them 'I have a Deviantart, but uh. I don't think you'll like it.'. It's nice to get away from the fandom spew that was my old account! Also moved my sketch blog. Again, haha. Hosting it on Tumblr now because as nice as Blogger is, it always feels like a chore to update anything there. Tumblr is painfully easy to use and update. Fun stuff. I also started a little website to sort of centralize things. I'm still on the free version, but when I can pay for it I'd like to get my own domain and such. I'm not up to coding my own place just yet. 

 I think that's it for now. I hope everyone here has been doing well!